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ASK THE SOS BRIGADE (Genderbended Edition)

YO! We're standing by for your questions and comments! Any questions involving aliens, time travelers, espers, sliders, demons or any kind of supernatural beings are demanded! You can ask other questions, just make sure they're interesting or you'll get a penalty! - Haruki Suzumiya (Leader, founder and ruler of the SOS Brigade)

Hello and welcome to our page, we are truly glad that you've stopped by! I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the brigade, myself or any of my fellow members! But we do ask that you refer most of your questions to our leader, we are merely here for specific inquiries. - Itsuko Koizumi (Second in Command)

Ask. Any questions will be welcomed and answered. - Yuuki Nagato (Literature Club Member)

O-Oh, hi! U-Um, I'll try to answer your q-questions as best as I can! M-Maybe I could make you some tea or something while you're here! T-Thank you very much!! - Mitsuru Asahina (Brigade Mascot and Butler)

I don't see why the hell you'd want to waste your time on this page, but you might as well ask some questions while you're here. Don't ask anything crazy that will set off Haruki and make my life miserable. Be careful, you crazy people. - Kyonko (Other)

(( OOC: This is an Ask Blog for the Genderbended Cast of the SOS Brigade! If it wasn't obvious already, all of the SOS Brigade members have had their genders flipped and their roles and personalities are the same but tweaked just slightly. You can write to any or all of the SOS Brigade members with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc! Have fun! n_n ))

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Jun 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

Koizumi-san, have you ever thought about spending time with espers other than the ones in the Agency? Like for example the ones in Academy City?

Ah… I certainly would but the Agency is rather strict on the matter. My superiors don’t want us interacting with any other groups that do not have to do with the primary mission of observing Suzumiya in fear that there may be more…competition. 

Perhaps once things have calmed down the ban will be lifted, but until then it would be easier for us to keep to ourselves. 

Dec 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

Ok, Mitsuru and Itsuko, we still haven’t heard your singing! I bet Mitsuru’s singing is kinda cute and I bet Itsuko has a pretty voice when she sings :3

(continued from here!)

Itsuko: See! You have a lovely voice, Asahina-san!

Mitsuru: R-Really? T-Thank you! I’m not as good as everyone else, b-but I want to get better!

Dec 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

Ok, Mitsuru and Itsuko, we still haven’t heard your singing! I bet Mitsuru’s singing is kinda cute and I bet Itsuko has a pretty voice when she sings :3

Itsuko: Ah! Thank you very much! *smiles* I don’t usually sing outside of the confines of my apartment so I was nervous recording this with Suzumiya-san!

Mitsuru: I-I was the most nervous though. Um, I don’t usually sing at all, I’m not very good at s-singing. 

Itsuko: You’ve certainly improved though!

(continued here!)

Dec 6 '12

Anonymous asked:

To everyone: If you can be any video game character, what would you be? Oh and can you guys dance really good? >:3

Haruki: We already decided that Yuuki and Koizumi-san were really good dancers when we were doing a singing competition. And I’ve made up a bunch of dances and Mitsuru has been able to do them really well! I dunno about Kyonko though, she probably has two left feet.

Kyonko: Rude.

Haruki: ANYWAY! If I could be a video game character… Hm… Ah! I would be Commander Shepard from ’Mass Effect’! Not only would I have a top-of-the-line ship and a kickass crew, but since I’m a spectre, I’m above the law and can do whatever I want!

Kyonko: I wouldn’t mind being Link, I guess. Not sure what game I’d chose, but I really like Hyrule and the story itself is really interesting. Not to mention I kind of already am a ‘hero of the gods’ or whatever. 

Mitsuru: O-Oh… Video games… Um, let’s see. I haven’t played a lot of video games, actually. C-Could I just be a background character in a medieval game with a nice shop or something?

Itsuko: Mmm, if you ignored the psychopathic robot who wants to kill you, I wouldn’t mind being Chell from Portal. The puzzles are rather fun to solve and I do enjoy flying, or rather, conserved momentum. *giggles* 

Yuuki: … The main character in a dating sim.

Kyonko: W-Wait what. 

Dec 1 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hey everyone, the anon before said what if Koizumi married Nagato, so what would you guys think if Mitsuru married Kyonko or if even Haruki married Kyonko?

Kyonko: What if I married someone instead of them marrying me?!

Haruki: I really don’t care who Kyonko marries, but if the person she’s marrying is a member of the SOS Brigade, I demand that I am the one to conduct the ceremony!

Kyonko: And what if we get married, huh? That was one of the options in the ask.

Haruki: I-, um. *he pauses for a moment looking for an answer* I’ll have Koizumi-san do it!

Itsuko: Ah, me?

Haruki: YEA! In fact! Marry Kyonko and I right now! *he wraps an arm around Kyonko’s shoulders* I might not be able to conduct the ceremony, but at least we get cake!

Kyonko: *gawks and blushes a bit* WHAT GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARRY ME?!

Itsuko: *amused smile* Shall I prepare for the wedding ceremony, or…?

Kyonko: DON’T. I swear to God, Koizumi, if you do that, I will personally break into your house and cut up your favorite dress.  

Nov 19 '12

Anonymous asked:

What do you guys think of Slender and Amnesia the Dark Descent?

Kyonko: We don’t speak of Slenderman here. Haruki hasn’t been able to play ‘Amnesia’ yet, but when he does, we probably won’t speak of that either.

Itsuko: Let me explain, when Suzumiya-san got really into the game ‘Slender’ and the Slenderman lore, things started happening, as per usual when dealing with him. The first sign was that in closed space, the shinjin became taller and just stood there watching my fellow espers and myself. 

Kyonko: Yea, then people started disappearing around town and a couple of kids at North High were admitted to a mental health clinic because they were seeing this tall, pale man without a face.

Itsuko: Needless to say, the Organization became very concerned with the recent events and had me talk to Nagato-san to see if there was a way to correct the problem.

Yuuki: Haruki Suzumiya altered reality so that an immortal, supernatural being known as the ‘Slenderman’ would appear. I was unable to correct the change and decided to send the creature away.

Kyonko: Yet you won’t tell us where to, hmph.

Itsuko: Needless to say, we try to not talk about Slenderman as much as possible so that Suzumiya-san won’t be tempted to create another version of it. When he begins to play ‘Amnesia’, we will make sure that the monster in that game does not manifest into our reality. 

Nov 9 '12

Anonymous asked:

to everyone, what if nagato married koizumi?

Kyonko: I really don’t like that. 

Nagato: I have no desire to marry Itsuko Koizumi. No data suggests she desires to marry myself as well.

Itsuko: That is certainly correct! *smiles* However, hypothetically, if Nagato-san and myself got married, then I would hope that the wedding would be enjoyable for everyone attending.

Kyonko: I still don’t like that.


Itsuko: I’m afraid not, sorry!

Haruki: Damn. As Brigade leader, I can conduct marriage ceremonies between two Brigade members and I REALLY want to do that so I can unite two people by the power of myself! HAHAHAHHAAHA!

Kyonko: Arrogant.

Mitsuru: A-Ah! Suzumiya-san, y-you sound like an evil villain when you do that!

Oct 28 '12

shichishi-chii asked:

what is everyone's favorite animal (if you have one) and why

Haruki: A dragon! Dragons are awesome and know practically everything AND can live for hundreds of years!

Kyonko: I dunno, a cat, maybe? I think if I said anything else, my little brother would get angry with me. 

Itsuko: I’m afraid don’t really have a favorite animal. *smiles* I certainly find animals such as kittens and bunnies cute and horses and lions majestic, but there was never one I thought stood out from the rest. 

Mitsuru: Umm, I really like songbirds… I don’t have a favorite one, but I really like listening to them sing!

Yuuki: Dog. They’re soft.

Oct 28 '12

shichishi-chii asked:

what kind of pokemon would you guys have if they existed

Haruki: I would build an awesome team of legendary Pokemon then casually walk around town riding one so everyone would be mystified and amazed by me!

Kyonko: Water type Pokemon are cool. Not only that, but I could have an awesome remote island house and no one could ever find it.

Mitsuru: P-Pokemon? S-Sorry, I don’t know what those are, um, oh dear… I-I guess a nice, cute one?

Itsuko: I’m rather fond of fire and psychic Pokemon. My favorite fire types are Blaziken and Rapidash and my favorite psychic types as Alakazam and Espeon. 

Yuuki: Eevee. Its genetic structure sounds interesting. 

Haruki: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Pokemon really were real…?  

Kyonko: Oi, oi! Those are some dangerous thoughts there, mister!

Oct 7 '12

shichishi-chii asked:

another queston (since its's late for me and i'm bored) what are you u going to do after highschool

Haruki: I’m still figuring out what I want to do as a career. I don’t really like to think about after high school, I’m only a second year after all. But to think about after high school would mean I would need to think about the future of the SOS Brigade… I don’t want the Brigade to be separated, but with everyone having different academic interests and Mitsuru being a year above us, it’s hard to keep everyone together. It’s just complicated.

Kyonko: I’m planning on going to Konan University which is 15 minutes away from where I am now. Not sure what I’ll major in, probably business or something like that. 

Mitsuru: Well, it depends on what my superiors say… U-Um, if they want me to stay in this time plane, then I’ll stay by Suzumiya-san and the SOS Brigade. But if they want me to go back to the future, I’ll do whatever I can to come back! I like it here, and it would be nice to go home for a little bit, I’ll really miss this time plane!

Itsuko: I’ll go to where ever Suzumiya-san goes. It’s still my mission to observe Suzumiya-san and the Organization is curious to see how a transition from high school to the real world, so to say, will affect him. Personally, I would like to study something math-related, I really enjoy it!

Yuuki: I will stay with Suzumiya-san as well. I like being here. It’s…nice.