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ASK THE SOS BRIGADE (Genderbended Edition)

YO! We're standing by for your questions and comments! Any questions involving aliens, time travelers, espers, sliders, demons or any kind of supernatural beings are demanded! You can ask other questions, just make sure they're interesting or you'll get a penalty! - Haruki Suzumiya (Leader, founder and ruler of the SOS Brigade)

Hello and welcome to our page, we are truly glad that you've stopped by! I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the brigade, myself or any of my fellow members! But we do ask that you refer most of your questions to our leader, we are merely here for specific inquiries. - Itsuko Koizumi (Second in Command)

Ask. Any questions will be welcomed and answered. - Yuuki Nagato (Literature Club Member)

O-Oh, hi! U-Um, I'll try to answer your q-questions as best as I can! M-Maybe I could make you some tea or something while you're here! T-Thank you very much!! - Mitsuru Asahina (Brigade Mascot and Butler)

I don't see why the hell you'd want to waste your time on this page, but you might as well ask some questions while you're here. Don't ask anything crazy that will set off Haruki and make my life miserable. Be careful, you crazy people. - Kyonko (Other)

(( OOC: This is an Ask Blog for the Genderbended Cast of the SOS Brigade! If it wasn't obvious already, all of the SOS Brigade members have had their genders flipped and their roles and personalities are the same but tweaked just slightly. You can write to any or all of the SOS Brigade members with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc! Have fun! n_n ))

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Jul 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hey Haruki!! YOU are God!!! You created this universe!!!! Yuuki is the DEVIL and wants you dead you can not trust him!!!!

Haruki: Whoa, whoa, hold it, Anon. While I appreciate you worshiping me as god (which everyone should because I am Haruki Suzumiya, the mighty!), I will not tolerate anyone downgrading one of my Brigade members by claiming that he is not trustworthy! I trust Yuuki with my life, he has done nothing to make me suspect him of treason. I won’t stand for such false accusations!

Jul 17 '12

dracknath asked:

Hey Haruki, Have you ever read the Arthurian Legends? apparently as the legend goes there is a scabbard that lies in the bottom of a lake in England that allows you to never die no matter how crazy your wound is! I think it would be the perfect item for you to hold onto just in case there is a war that breaks off. Do you the Brigade think that Haruki should go find it or not?

Haruki: Oh…

Kyonko: Here we go again… *rolls eyes*

Haruki: My…

Kyonko: I hate my life sometimes.

Haruki: GOSH. THAT IS THE PERFECT ITEM FOR THE SOS BRIGADE TO HAVE! I read the legends back in middle school and knew about the legendary sword, but I never made the connection until now! It is the PERFECT weapon for the Brigade to have! This is genius, pure and utter genius! From now on, all SOS Brigade resources shall go towards finding information about its location and securing a secret way to get to England without the rest of the world knowing, and that’s an order!

Kyonko: Well, you’ve given him entertainment for a week or two and headaches for the rest of us. Thanks.

Jul 16 '12

Anonymous asked:

Kyonko~ i have a question for you! Kiss, fuck or marry-- haruki , yuuki, and itsuko. :3

Kyonko: Did you really have to stick Itsuko in there? *sigh* Yare, yare. I’d guess I’d kiss Itsuko, because that’s less scarring than having sex with her and less annoying than marrying her. As for the other two… … Fuck Yuuki and marry Haruki. Happy now?

May 5 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hey Haruki, you dress Mitsuru up alot, why dont you dress up Kyonko and Itsuko as maids instead since they are girls... Or anything else... Hmm?

I dress Mitsuru up the most because he’s the SOS Brigade’s mascot! It’s his duty to the Brigade to have the most outfits! But I dress up Kyonko and Koizumi-san a lot too! In addition to their duties as general member/lacky/pack mule/etc and second-in-command, they are the secondary mascots of the SOS Brigade! It just so happens that I DO have pictures of them as maids. I’ll show ya one for free just cause you asked!

If you want to see any of their other photos, you need to buy the photo album. It’s only 800¥!

- Haruki Suzumiya

Apr 29 '12

Anonymous asked:

Oh noes its a zombie apocalypse, u must survive what role would each of u play in this situation. and also you fought long and hard but the undead are closing in on u from all sides and u realize u won't make it any last words to the Brigade

Haruki: SIMPLE! I’ll be the fearless leader who gives all the commands and leads the charge, Koizumi-san is my right-hand woman who is also our strategist, Yuuki is our weapons master because he reads so many sci-fi novels, Mitsuru is our distraction and decoy man, and finally Kyonko is the pack-mule and lacky! With this plan, we would never fail so it’s pointless to answer your second question!!!

Itsuko: Suzumiya-san has had this planned out ever since he played ‘Left 4 Dead 2’. *smiles* It’s rather impressive. 

Kyonko: More like annoying. Why am I always the pack-mule anyway?

Haruki: Reasons, my dear Kyonko, reasons.

Kyonko: *deadpanned* How thought provoking. Why are you so confident that we would survive anyway? Do you really have no last words to say to us?

Haruki: Bah, we would survive no matter what. I have no time to think of last words.

Itsuko: I’m pretty sure a comment such as “It was an honor fighting with you all until the end” would suffice. Such simple words can have bigger and deeper meaning to different people.

Haruki: Exactly! I’d rather go down fighting then waste time on all that mushy stuff anyway! 

Kyonko: Staying true to your beliefs until the end. That’s so you.

Haruki: You betcha! *wink*

Apr 29 '12

lastmenonbf asked:

Kyonko, I think you're perfect the way you are (Like once Haruki Said to me) So could you please have more confidence in your looks? I mean, You're a Beauty, even if Haruki says otherwise he thinks the same as me

O-Oh, you really think that? *small smile* Thanks, that makes me feel better. But when the heck did Haruki say something like THAT? He wouldn’t compliment someone unless it benefited him in the end. I always thought he used insults as compliments anyway, at least towards me. Hmph, I guess he really does care in his own weird way.

- Kyonko

Apr 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

Do you guys ever want to get married and have kids? I don't necessarily mean with eachother or anything...I mean in general.

Kyonko: I haven’t really thought about it, I mean, I’m still in high school! I don’t want to think about that stuff until I’m in college or even after college. I do want to get married though, kids would be nice but I don’t know if I would make a good mother.

Itsuko: Aw, I’m sure you’ll make a lovely mother, Kyonko! You have that caring-but-tough attitude going for you!

Kyonko: Thanks, I guess. What about you then, you want to have kids, Itsuko?

Itsuko: *smiles* While I would love to get married, kids may not be an option for me.

Kyonko: *blinks* Why’s that?

Itsuko: *smile grows* Classified information.

Kyonko: Don’t steal Asahina-san’s line, you’re not worthy! Speaking of that, what about you, Asahina-san?

Mitsuru: I want to get married but I haven’t really thought about kids.

Kyonko: Nagato-san? Haruki?

Yuuki: I have given it no thought.

Haruki: I want kids because I need to pass on my genes of awesome! I mean, someone this good-looking needs to add his contribution to the genepool! And I need heirs and heiresses to the SOS Brigade legacy! No exception!

Kyonko: Of course you’d take a simple question and turn it into another way to promote your arrogance. *facepalm*

Apr 20 '12

erinism asked:

If you had to share an apartment with any other member of the brigade, who would you choose and why? Who do you think would be the messiest to live with?

Itsuko: I would love to share an apartment with Kyonko! It would be like a never-ending sleepover, who wouldn’t want that? She’s rather messy, but I can overlook that! At least she’s not as messy as Suzumiya-san. 

Kyonko:Never…ending…sleepover…with…Itsuko… Why me. 
While I wouldn’t exactly mind sharing an apartment with Itsuko (never-ending sleepover…Urk), I think I would rather share an apartment with Nagato. He’s tidy and quiet and even though he’s a guy, I know he wouldn’t try to peek in on me when I’m changing. To answer your second question, Haruki would definitely be the messiest, hands down.

Nagato: I would prefer to live alone. It would be better for myself and the other members.

Mitsuru: I guess I-I would want to live with Kyonko… She has a nice house and her little brother and I bonded on the island vacation trip we took! S-Suzumiya-san would definitely be the messiest and I like keeping things as neat as possible. Makes things easier, you know?

Haruki: I’d rather live with the entire brigade! Not only could you split the rent five ways, but I could hold longer brigade meetings AND make sure every member is doing their duty to finding aliens, time travelers, and espers! It would also be easier to get everyone together for city searches. Besides, why should I restrict the honor of having ME as a roommate to only ONE person?? Everyone should be able to enjoy my awesomeness!

Apr 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

Okay, boys, who is the cuter brigade girl- Kyonko or Itsuko?

Yuuki: Are you asking for which female is the most aesthetically pleasing or which has the most favorable personality?

Haruki: Dude… It’s a simple question, you don’t need to go that in depth.

Yuuki: I am not 100% certain what “cute” means.

Haruki: Seriously? You really need to get out more often!! Alright! It’s official! The SOS Brigade is going to have a guys-only trip where we’ll see how many girls’ numbers we can get in a day!

Mitsuru: But i-if we’re not going to actually going to call them, isn’t it mean to make them wait?

Haruki: Mitsuru, Mitsuru, Mitsuru… You have much to learn, my pupil. You too, Yuuki, you don’t even know what cute means!

Yuuki: I have no complaints.

Mitsuru: It’s still m-mean though..

Apr 14 '12

redyzm asked:

So, SOS Brigade, I heard a rumor that at midnight there's this hidden hour called the 'Dark Hour' when the sky turns all ominous and creepy. Also these weird shadow monsters come out too. You would probably not notice it, because you would either transmogrify into a coffin like thing, or have your memories erased... Just a rumor I heard.

Mitsuru: *eyes widen* W-Wait, you don’t mean classified information exists in this time plane too!?!

Kyonko: Asahina-san, you know about this?

Mitsuru: I-It’s classified information… I-I’m sorry, I thought that classified information didn’t happen in this time plane s-so I never classified information!

Kyonko: And suddenly I wish I still had a nightlight…


Kyonko: I REFUSE.

Haruki: TOUGH! I decree that the SOS Brigade will meet at the train station tomorrow night at 11:30 PM and we’re going to try to gather evidence of this mysterious ‘Dark Hour’! So let it be written so let it be done!

Kyonko: I have a bad feeling about this.