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ASK THE SOS BRIGADE (Genderbended Edition)

YO! We're standing by for your questions and comments! Any questions involving aliens, time travelers, espers, sliders, demons or any kind of supernatural beings are demanded! You can ask other questions, just make sure they're interesting or you'll get a penalty! - Haruki Suzumiya (Leader, founder and ruler of the SOS Brigade)

Hello and welcome to our page, we are truly glad that you've stopped by! I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the brigade, myself or any of my fellow members! But we do ask that you refer most of your questions to our leader, we are merely here for specific inquiries. - Itsuko Koizumi (Second in Command)

Ask. Any questions will be welcomed and answered. - Yuuki Nagato (Literature Club Member)

O-Oh, hi! U-Um, I'll try to answer your q-questions as best as I can! M-Maybe I could make you some tea or something while you're here! T-Thank you very much!! - Mitsuru Asahina (Brigade Mascot and Butler)

I don't see why the hell you'd want to waste your time on this page, but you might as well ask some questions while you're here. Don't ask anything crazy that will set off Haruki and make my life miserable. Be careful, you crazy people. - Kyonko (Other)

(( OOC: This is an Ask Blog for the Genderbended Cast of the SOS Brigade! If it wasn't obvious already, all of the SOS Brigade members have had their genders flipped and their roles and personalities are the same but tweaked just slightly. You can write to any or all of the SOS Brigade members with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc! Have fun! n_n ))

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Jun 28 '13

uniquepain asked:

hello everyone, I'll attempt to make this quick though I tend to babble a lot and somewhere along the line I usually start talking about manga and spaceships and end up in a fight about Kira vs Zero and.... dammit, anyway, what would happen if Kyonko and Kyon switched minds for a day and met all the alt-genders?

Kyonko: Can we not, please? What’s with everyone wanting me to switch places with Kyon? Can’t I just live my normal life where everyone is the right gender in peace? I think I would be focusing more on trying to function as a guy and not tipping off Haruki, or Haruhi, or whatever his name is over there that I’m ‘different’. I also know for a fact that Itsuko would be harassing Kyon over here and I don’t want that happening, thanks!

Jun 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

At Kyonko… What would you do, if you landed in another dimension where the male version of youself didn't choose the 'interesting' world in the incident before Christmas with Nagato, but he regrets this decision? Would you try to come back to your world, or would you want to help him change his world after all?

Uh… Would I be able to return to my world if I help him? I’d definitely help him if I could still go home, but I dunno what I’d do. The escape program would be terminated and I probably wouldn’t have access to my Nagato. I guess I could always bring him to my world so Koizumi, Asahina, and Nagato could help him get back. The easiest thing to do would be to just leave him there but then I’d feel guilty about it. It was his dumb choice in the first place, why would I have to help him out?!

Jun 28 '13

Anonymous asked:

Koizumi-san, have you ever thought about spending time with espers other than the ones in the Agency? Like for example the ones in Academy City?

Ah… I certainly would but the Agency is rather strict on the matter. My superiors don’t want us interacting with any other groups that do not have to do with the primary mission of observing Suzumiya in fear that there may be more…competition. 

Perhaps once things have calmed down the ban will be lifted, but until then it would be easier for us to keep to ourselves. 

Apr 29 '13

Anonymous asked:

Kyonko, what if you accidentaly kiss your male self. What would be your first reaction?


Can we just assume that it’ll never happen and ignore the question all together, thanks? I don’t exactly like to think about kissing a male version of myself. It’s way too weird!!!

Apr 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

Kyon, who's Kyonko?

Haruki: What’s a Kyon. 

Kyonko: A type of potato. Don’t confuse me for my male self, damnit!!!

Dec 22 '12

ask-asuka-x-shinji asked:

Kyonko your scarier than haruki

Kyonko: Eh? Me? Scary? 

Itsuko: You do have quite the temper.

Mitsuru: A-And because of -classified information-…

Yuuki: You are the only one who can control Haruki Suzumiya’s powers. 

Kyonko: E-Eh?! I’m not scary, damnit! I’m just a normal girl with NO temper issues, thank you very much! And on that note, YOU three should be ‘scarier’ because you have those weird POWERS of yours!

Itsuko: There’s that temper again~

Dec 17 '12

Anonymous asked:

Tomorrow is December the 17th. Does it bring back any memories, Kyonko??

Itsuko: We would have Kyonko respond immediately since we noticed this ask today, December 17th… But she didn’t come to school today.

Haruki: She called in sick or something. It’s a pain ‘cause we were gonna go out caroling! Hmph!

Dec 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

Have you guys ever heard of Vocaloid? Haruki, you shoukd make Mitsuru cosplay as Len Kagamine since they're both shotas (sort of) And sorry Kyonko for making Haruki making Mitsuru cosplay…

Kyonko: I don’t make Haruki do anything, and I certainly wouldn’t make him force Mitsuru into cosplay! I try to stop Haruki instead, but he never listens to me!

Haruki: Vocaloid, huh? I’ve definitely heard of it, but I never thought about dressing Mitsuru up in a cosplay from it! Mitsuru! What do you think? *He swings his arm over Mitsuru’s shoulders* You wanna get a new outfit and sing for us?

Mitsuru: N-No, I don’t! I don’t wa-

Haruki: Well, we’ll see if you can work the costume and if you can then you’re gonna get it! Come on! Let’s go look this guy up and get Mitsuru some new clothes!


Dec 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

Ok, Mitsuru and Itsuko, we still haven’t heard your singing! I bet Mitsuru’s singing is kinda cute and I bet Itsuko has a pretty voice when she sings :3

Itsuko: Ah! Thank you very much! *smiles* I don’t usually sing outside of the confines of my apartment so I was nervous recording this with Suzumiya-san!

Mitsuru: I-I was the most nervous though. Um, I don’t usually sing at all, I’m not very good at s-singing. 

Itsuko: You’ve certainly improved though!

(continued here!)

Dec 14 '12

Anonymous asked:

Kyonko, Haruki told me that you sing very pretty ;) What do you think about his singing?

Kyonko: Are you sure that wasn’t sarcasm, because it’s a very high chance that he was just being an ass. Haruki’s singing? He’s a good singer, I’ll give him that. Did you see him at last year’s festival when he played with ENOZ? I have no real opinion on it except that he’s a really good singer.