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ASK THE SOS BRIGADE (Genderbended Edition)

YO! We're standing by for your questions and comments! Any questions involving aliens, time travelers, espers, sliders, demons or any kind of supernatural beings are demanded! You can ask other questions, just make sure they're interesting or you'll get a penalty! - Haruki Suzumiya (Leader, founder and ruler of the SOS Brigade)

Hello and welcome to our page, we are truly glad that you've stopped by! I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about the brigade, myself or any of my fellow members! But we do ask that you refer most of your questions to our leader, we are merely here for specific inquiries. - Itsuko Koizumi (Second in Command)

Ask. Any questions will be welcomed and answered. - Yuuki Nagato (Literature Club Member)

O-Oh, hi! U-Um, I'll try to answer your q-questions as best as I can! M-Maybe I could make you some tea or something while you're here! T-Thank you very much!! - Mitsuru Asahina (Brigade Mascot and Butler)

I don't see why the hell you'd want to waste your time on this page, but you might as well ask some questions while you're here. Don't ask anything crazy that will set off Haruki and make my life miserable. Be careful, you crazy people. - Kyonko (Other)

(( OOC: This is an Ask Blog for the Genderbended Cast of the SOS Brigade! If it wasn't obvious already, all of the SOS Brigade members have had their genders flipped and their roles and personalities are the same but tweaked just slightly. You can write to any or all of the SOS Brigade members with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc! Have fun! n_n ))
Dec 22 '12

ask-asuka-x-shinji asked:

Kyonko your scarier than haruki

Kyonko: Eh? Me? Scary? 

Itsuko: You do have quite the temper.

Mitsuru: A-And because of -classified information-…

Yuuki: You are the only one who can control Haruki Suzumiya’s powers. 

Kyonko: E-Eh?! I’m not scary, damnit! I’m just a normal girl with NO temper issues, thank you very much! And on that note, YOU three should be ‘scarier’ because you have those weird POWERS of yours!

Itsuko: There’s that temper again~

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